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The Spiritual Space

A moment of collective prayer

“Words have the power to destroy or heal; when they are fair and generous, they can change the world. »



Prayers are above all words that can relieve us on an individual level, but also collectively. Whatever your religious or spiritual belief are, and even if you have none, you can pray. For prayer belongs to all of humanity. It is above all an opening of the heart, the expression of words of love, gratitude, compassion and hope, and nothing is more important than that.

You can address the prayers to the universe, to God, to your soul or not address them at all. They can also be said as mantras or affirmations, or simply read as spiritual poems to ponder.  

The prayers are for anyone who identifies with a belief in spiritual humanism, or who simply wishes our world to be filled with more deeply positive values.

In prayer, we move from unconsciousness to awareness that the energy of the universe inhabits our body, that our deep Being is an energy of the universe, regardless of whether we believe in a god or not.  

We wanted to create a space to welcome and share moments of prayer that come from all over the world, to bring together spiritual knowledge, the hidden treasures that each culture, each religion has kept and transmitted from generation to generation so that everyone could benefit from these riches and that this be a source of union and not of division.  

This space will be open once a month here at Espace EinSofi. The date will be announced at the beginning of each month on this page. Feel free to come when you feel the need, the call or the desire… without obligation to participate regularly and without the need to register or announce yourself in advance.

Each meeting will begin with a moment of meditation, followed by the sharing of a prayer and a time of contemplation. Then a moment of convivial sharing around beverages will be offered for those who would like to stay and chat.  


The prayers will be chosen initially by the founders of this space, but with the objective that the participants themselves will bring the prayers of their cultures, religions to share in turn, once they feel the momentum and the call of the heart.


Participation is free and open to all. 


We look forward to welcoming you and sharing this moment with you,


Guy Cassina, Nicole Cassina and Yael Eyholzer Kerpel

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