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Integrative Health

Our center is based on the approach of integrative medicine which aims to integrate both traditional and alternative medical therapies, taking into account the biological, psychological, emotional, spiritual and environmental factors of a health condition.

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By taking care of our own health,

we take care of the collective health

The health of an individual is an integral part of the overall health within a society. When an individual takes responsibility of their own health, it has a positive impact on society.

The more people learn to become agents of their own healing, of their own health, the more they develop confidence in their own ability, their own inner power, not only in the area of ​​health, but in all the other areas of their lives.

Taking responsibility on our proper health does not mean we have to heal on our own, it is important to reach out for professional help in order to overcome the multiple factors that limit our natural capacity of self- healing, such as fears, trauma, limiting beliefs, behavior patterns transmitted in the family or in the society, etc.

Sometimes the use of allopathic or natural medications are necessary to help the body recover from  symptoms to then better face the healing process. This process often takes longer than the treatment of symptoms alone. 

The healing process is a path we choose to take, a path of personal growth in all levels of our being, and when we grow we help the collective consciousness  grow and evolve. 


It is recognized by science that humans are complex and that the onset of symptoms or disease is multifactorial.

Therefore, to maintain an optimal health condition, we must approach health through all the spheres that compound it and optimize the communication between all. 

Life spheres include, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental spheres.

To obtain such optimal condition, we need to gather the expertises of different health disciplines; traditional, alternative, as well as ancestral therapies.

There are a multitude of approaches and knowledge aimed at human healing,. While not one approach holds the absolute truth, each one holds a piece of knowledge that when combined, can help built a more clear understanding of  the complexity of human health.

The center offers various weekly courses, as well as workshops and projects that integrate these different approches and dimensions, all aiming to optimize individual and community health.


For many years the Western health system was fragmented. Allopathic and alternative medicine often worked separately, instead of sharing their knowledge and thus better meeting the patient needs.

We believe that we are finally coming to a stage in the evolution of the health system that allows us to gather all of this knowledge for the benefit of patients and humanity.

This process has already begun with the various integrative medicine associations and centers which have seen the light of day all around the globe in the last past years, as well as the development of the fonction médecin current.

We have witnessed a growing scientific research data on alternative disciplines, and a growing number of patients who are showing their interest in a complete health care approach which responds better to the multiple aspects of their being.

The center donates 10% of income generated from courses and workshops to associations and organizations that encourage the development of knowledge in the field of Integrative health, ecology, humanitarian aid and other social projects. . Thus each person who undertakes an active participation in his own healing process,  contributes to the promotion of collective health, ecology and humanitarian aid.

To find out more about the different organisations that benefit from our  contribution:


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"I am not what happens to me,

I am what I choose to be "

C.G Jung

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