Our team


Our team is made up of  various therapists, some work directly in the center and others are part of the centre's external network and work closely with it.


Yael Eyholzer Kerpel

Holistic physiotherapist


I was very fortunate to be brought up in a very diverse cultural environment,  a rich mix and open to  all the diversity ways of perceiving and living life.

I was born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in Jerusalem from my earliest childhood, .

Since my teenage years, I knew that the path I wanted to follow in my professional life would have to do with body, mind and soul therapy, always being convinced of their close connexion.

Passionate about the diversity of approaches to healing people, I wanted to learn from all this knowledge to have an holistic view of healing and better understand the complexity of human health.

I started out learning Reflexology in Jerusalem and then continued my Physiotherapy studies at Ben Gurion University in Beersheba. During my studies, I undertook holistic massage and Reiki courses to enrich my knowledge.

In 2004 I moved to Switzerland where I finished my HES diploma in Physiotherapy in Geneva.

From 2009 until 2016 I worked in the Vaudois Anorexia & Bulimia Center at St. Loup Hospital where I specialized in the body-mind approach and in the group therapy approach.

Between 2016-2021 I worked as a freelance at Le Temps Suspendu, where I deepened my experience with patients, and continued my training with alternative therapies, adding a broader and more complete vision of individual and collective health.

Since 2018 I have been running, with different therapists, therapeutic feminine circles in French, Spanish and English, integrating ancestral rituals, mediation, as well as relaxation courses.

I am fluent in French, Spanish, English and Hebrew.

All sessions can be done in each of these languages.



Professional Studies


Physiotherapy -HES Geneva, Switzerland

Physiotherapy - Ben Gurion University of the Neguev, Israel

Holistic Massage - ADR College in Beer-Sheva, Israel

Reflexology - Ridman College in Jerusalem, Israel


Continuing courses

Reiki 1 and 2 Israel 2004

Eating disorders  Unil 2010 

Coping with the risk of suicide  Unil 2011

Body image in eating disorders and obesity  HUG 2013

Hypnosis: medical and therapeutic approaches  ASCA 2017

Introductory course with the planetary singing bowls  Gabriella Tettamanti 2018

Aromatherapy Course 1  Usha Veda 2018

Prana-Soma Therapy Course  François Schneeberger Sound Academy 2019

Cycles in the female body   Naomi Katz-Renewing women's leadership 2020

Initiatory and healing teaching of the 13 Original Guardians Souffleuses d'étoiles 2021

The collective healing trauma journey  Thomas Hübl 2021-2022


Noémie Tharin

Shiatsu practitioner

As a Shiatsu practitioner and hiking guide, I am passionate about all the means that allow us to take care of our body and our planet Earth. For me, connecting with your body is just as important as connecting with nature. As Chinese medicine, on which Shiatsu is based, demonstrates, humans are an integral part of the natural environment and they influence each other.


Over the course of my practice, I find more and more that what is happening in us is closely related to what is happening around us. Whether it is the influence of our lifestyle and our diet on our health, the role that breathing, physical activity or emotions can play, or the importance of matching our values ​​with our actions. During my Shiatsu sessions, I am interested in the healing potential that resides in each of us, and how to promote its full activation. Our body is formidable and full of unsuspected resources, which only ask to be mobilized.

When I welcome you for a treatment, my intention always remains the same: to offer you a moment of well-being and sharing, a space to connect with your being and your resources, listen to your needs, stimulate your healing potential and move forward on your life path. My approach is holistic, in order to treat the body as a whole.


Elodie Herren

Kinesiologist, Hypnosis/Hypnopraxis, Nurse 

I have always been passionate about the Human Being and how he functions, both physical and psychic. So I naturally turned to health careers and therefore began training as a nurse.

In 2014 I turned to complementary therapy by training as a kinesiologist which I completed in 2016 which brings me both at the private and professional level. It's the start of a new life! I found myself completely because I can finally took the time to listen, support the person and work globally. A little later I cross the path of hypnosis and hypnopraxis. This therapy was also a real revelation because I found certain aspects of kinesiology in it. 

These 2 therapies are for me like yin and yang, they are complementary.

Kinesiology is an educational approach that allows us to understand what brought us to a problem or what prevents us from achieving a goal. We become aware of how it works and we can correct the situation. This information is sought with the muscle test (simple pressure on an arm) which brings the information back from the subconscious to the conscious.

Hypnosis / hypnopraxis is a new integrative therapeutic approach that is more interested in how we experience situations. Based on that we interact, the way we talk. And the engine of it all is the feeling. A lot of things are decided without us being conscious about and we don't know why we are attracted to certain people or objects. " The heart has its reasons that reason ignores ". The point of hypnosis is to meet at the heart of our Being and to reintegrate our history, who we really are. This is done in our privacy without the therapist needing to know everything about our life story.

Through these 2 approaches  kinesiology and the how with hypnopraxis), I support you while respecting your rhythm, your needs and your desires to help you take back the reins of your life, do the things that have meaning and much more.


Aline Fridez

Hypersensitive Adult & Children Accompaniment

Fallen from the sky (Tombé du Ciel) in the 80s, my name is Aline and I am hypersensitive. As a child, I struggled to understand my surroundings. As long as I could sing, dance, dream, imagine, paint: everything was fine. But when school started, I didn't understand a thing. Perched up there, I was asked to become square, structured, organized, punctual !

 I scanned all of the people around me and chose the ones I found most benevolent and good to me. Thanks to them I built a base, formed roots. Qi Gong and body-mind techniques also helped me focus.

Professionally, I was formed as a childhood educator and worked in para and preschool structures for 15 years.

My need to find tools to promote children's health as well as my curiosity for new psychological and educational research led me to follow several continuing education courses. Communication, the link with Nature and the Imaginary World were important themes for me. They aroused and soothed my sensitivity as a child and I wanted to be able to pass them on to future generations, as tools of well-being.

So there you have it, after having worked with hypersensitive children in collective structures, I developed individual techniques, based on my training and my experience so that they can live their emotions more serenely.

As soon as my practice was opened, I also offered care for adults and hyper sensitive parents so that they could better understand each other, find energy, express themselves while keeping their hypersensitivity, but also leave with educational leads and advice.


Rachel Banderet

Psychotherapist and Clinical Psychologist FSP

I am passionate about sport, nutrition and sensitive to the relationship with the body. I had the chance to specialize in the management of eating disorders and more generally in the support of any type of difficulty. I offer both psychological check-ups and psychotherapy.

Regarding my career path, I graduated from the University of Lausanne in 2006. Then I continued my specialization within different departments of the CHUV: at the Vaudois Anorexie Boulimie Center: within the hospital abC unit, on the Saint-Loup site and the North Vaud Psychiatry Center. I thus obtained my titles of psychologist specializing in clinical psychology and FSP psychotherapy in 2015 and 2016. Subsequently I worked as an associate psychologist at the Neuchâtel Center for Psychiatry within the Préfargier hospital in Marin and currently at the CHUV Psychiatric Expertise Center.


Johanna Hostettler

Personal Coaching

My professional experiences have a common thread: the horse and communication

During the last ten years, I have acquired knowledge in the equestrian field, such as foal breaking and trail riding.

The discovery of the "Parelli Natural Horsemanship" method was a revelation! I then left for Auvergne (France) where I followed a remarkable training program, a total immersion in this philosophy of life with a vision of the horse that was ideal in my eyes. For almost two years, I had the chance to learn how to manage herds, care, break-in, work with "difficult" horses, support countless training courses, combining my two passions; communication and horses.

Back in Switzerland, I collaborated with a  personal coach to combine these two aspirations. We organized training courses based on the "horse coaching" method. They were mainly aimed at group coherence and teambuilding and were intended for students of professional schools, lawyers, doctors, receptionists, tourism employees, etc.


Organization and imagination

Raised by two independent parents, employed in several small businesses, and married to a winegrower (independent, you guessed it), since childhood I know the importance of having an efficient organization and a good dose of imagination to face the daily worries. Within these companies, everything is to be created, to be questioned, in order to stand out on the market.

These skills will be used for the structured and personalized follow-up of your support.


Horseback riding and self-understanding

After a trip to the USA, I have been giving horseback riding lessons to young and old for about fifteen years. These courses instinctively take a turn combining the useful with the pleasant: horse riding and self-understanding .... And thanks to the presence of the horse, the person can train without judgement, nor pressure in order to improve his communication... (and his riding).


An obvious fact is emerging before my eyes

My four-footed friend is an incredible help to self-understanding. Why should riders be the only ones privileged to have access to this exceptional relationship?


My allies

Thanks to my knowledge of this animal and my visceral desire to take care of the human relationship, I put these skills at the disposal of any person wishing to improve their communication, to move towards objectives in the direction of their aspirations, to get closer to themselves and to better understand themselves.


The concept

It will allow you to travel on Your path, the horse and I at your side. You will live experiences allowing you to acquire more serenity, your life objectives will be more tangible and you will simply try to get closer to yourself in all legitimacy. A whole program!

So the horse and I, welcome you warmly!


Aline Risse

Nature care

Female herbalism

Sound journey



I created the store-boutique, Al'Unisson in Pompaples, which has local products, natural medicines, HE, personalized essences, Bach flowers, herbal teas, oils, stones, bran, organic cosmetics, dietetics, ecological drugstore, products eco cleaning, filling service, etc.

I offer therapy by appointment.


Nicole Rodoni

Human Therapist since 2008

Nurse (since 2001) and first aid teacher (since 2016)

Therapeutic values

Taking good care of the human being means for me a holistic approach where every aspect of the person is taken into account. What joy to be able to be part of an interdisciplinary firm where the central place is given to the person who comes to ask us for help. And all around her, different therapists and doctors who support her as best as possible with their skills and techniques.


Why am I a therapist

Because I like to take care of people and I am happy to be able to accompany them along their path. If you wish, I put at your disposal my benevolent listening, my respect, my skills and my time in order to bring you a better well-being.

How can I help you?

To decrease and sometimes resolve:

  pain, tension (for example back pain, neck pain, sciatica, joints, ...), visceral pain, headaches, dizziness, digestive disorder, ...;
PRECIOUS SUPPORT (physical and emotional) in the event of: 

pregnancy, post-partum, post-operative, sports activity, orthodontic treatments, ...


Foot reflexology
To regain a state of muscle and nervous relaxation;

Different systems (circulatory, lymphatic, immune, etc.), organs and their functions

stimulated and supported.


Metamorphic massage

To be finally free from repetitive patterns;

Live more lightly in times of change:

  - physiological life such as puberty, motherhood, menopause,…;

- situations such as separations, moves, bereavement, ...


Native American Reflexology

To be rebalanced again at the level of your energies (after a shock, an operation, a jet lag,…);

Live a moment of deep relaxation, escape, an inner journey, ...



So that your scars can better integrate into your body diagram, so that the traumatic experience and the unpleasant physical sensations related to it, can finally be expressed and alleviated.


The massage in 8 (symbol of infinity)

In order to find a physical, symbolic and emotional unity between the top and the bottom, the front and the back, the left and the right;

In order to find a harmonization of your whole body and experience deep relaxation.  



All this offered with gentleness.


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